Sunday, 22 June 2008

Mugabe's 'Genocide'

'Genocide' is a very strong word which fortunately remains relatively untouched by media over use. For MDC officials to conjure up the images of 'Genocide' is entirely fitting, given the utter horror of Mugabe's brutal reign.

I remain shocked that it has taken so many years for the international community to fully understand what life is like in Zimbabwe. My stays in 1997 and 2001 taught me much about the constant level of fear that ordinary Zimbabweans, both rural and urban, have to face on a daily basis. I cannot understand why it has taken so long! Obviously the situation is more severe now, but it is only marginally more so than during previous elections - the last three of which were also stolen and corrupted.

How many more people will have to die - beaten, raped and burned to death?

I fully respect the MDC for making the torturous decision to withdraw from the campaign for the sake of Zimbabweans, not wanting them to continue facing such tyranny. Mugabe will claim victory but in reality (if he has any grasp of it), his regimen is doomed - at least this is my prayer!

Enough is enough.

We really are on the verge of yet another Genocide and if our humanity is worth anything, we must act - in any way we can!

More importantly - we must make the Zimbabwean voices heard!

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