Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Deep in the footprint of my soul

So -  I've been digging around in 'My Docs' and found this hymn.

I wrote it back in April 2005 during a particularly difficult period.

It seems to best fit the tune 'Crimond'

- but its in Common Meter, so there are plenty of others to choose from!

Feel free to use it, so long as you put my name at the bottom!

Deep in the footprint of my soul

I hide my darkest fears,

Those things that make me less that whole,

And cause the hidden tears.


And in that deepest, secret place,

The heart of God is known;

Incarnate word and sacred space,

God’s loving grace is sown.


At times I find it hard to tell,

Beyond the daily fears;

Beyond the landscape painted hell,

The peace of God is near.


Yet shall I sing with all my soul,

In wholeness with my pain,

That God is closer than my breath

And loving of my name.