Monday, 26 February 2007

God, in whom we have our being

Over the past few years I have been paying much more attention to writing hymns, meditations and other liturgical stuffs - so I will offer them in this section.

For most of the hymns I have written the music as well but they will also go to more familiar tunes and metres. If you would like my tunes then just ask and I can e-mail midi and mp3 files.

All I ask is that you use the correct acknowledgements in OfoS etc and let me know where they have been used - just out of personal curiosity!

So, the first one I offer is below. It seeks to explore a personal intimate relationship with God, without using a lot of pious individualistic language that drives me so mad!! It acknowledges our insecurities and seeks to confront them.

God, in whom we have our being;
guide us as we search for You.
In our hidden depths and longings,
stirring, You seek out our new.

God, by whom we have creation;
growing, moving, always fresh,
You inspire, confront and call us;
breathe for us each morning breath.

God, through whom we seek our freedom;
searching out the homes of fear.
Justice, truth in true repentance:
dare us Lord, to hold them dear!

God, with whom we cry for friendship;
here, we ache for love to lead.
Point us in the right direction;
facing pain and human need.

God, made known in human breathing,
turning tables on our sin.
Strong compassion, gentle power;
from cruel realms, Christ calls us in.

God, in whom we have our being,
guide us as we search for You.
Spirit thrilling to invite us,
Christ, stir up your word anew!

Words © Martin Knight
Music © Martin Knight
Cornford: 87.87 (Trochaic)

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Lawrence said...

WOW! I like this! I'll pass it on to Lis for use at Carver.